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Design Thinking Training

Do you want to take a customer centred approach to problem solving and be equipped with the mindset and tools to think outside the box? 

Speak to us about our Design Thinking training courses and workshop options that can be tailored to your team or organisational needs.  

What you would gain from Design Thinking training:

  • Develop an understanding of the Design Thinking mindset, tools and methodologies
  • Understand the importance of seeing a challenge or problem from the customer’s perspective
  • Practice the art of conducting empathy research
  • Identify customer needs and insights
  • Learn and apply creative (out of the box) thinking methods
  • Develop rapid prototypes and blueprints to bring ideas to life
  • Practice testing ideas with real customers
  • Learn the importance of storytelling to powerfully share ideas
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Experimentation Training

Do you want to test your solutions quickly and cheaply? Do you want to de-risk your projects and reduce the cost of commercialising your products and services? 

Speak to us about our Experimentation courses and workshops that can be tailored to your team or organisational needs.  

What you would gain from Experimentation training:

  • Have an awareness of the Experimentation mindset, tools and methodologies
  • Understand how to de-risk solutions to optimise chances of success
  • Develop hypotheses and design tests to validate ideas with customers
  • Understand and apply various test methods and measurement tool
  • Know when to persevere, pivot or perish an idea
  • Gain insights on the application of Experimentation in industry
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Workshop Facilitation

Do you want to take the stress out of workshop facilitation? 

With 1000’s of hours of group facilitation experience, we can take the stress out of organising and facilitating your next workshop. Whether it be facilitating a team strategy day, a one off workshop, training session or Hackathon. We will work with you to design a workshop tailored to meet your business objectives.

Time bound Workshops, Designathons and Hackathons are high energy sessions designed to accelerate the thinking process. It is a powerful way to leverage the power of a diverse group and wisdom of a collective to quickly and creatively solve business problems and challenges.

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Rapid Prototyping and Testing

Do you want to bring your ideas to life quickly, test with customers and optimise your solution before building it? 

Our UI and UX partner designers have created hundreds of rapid prototypes ranging from simple storyboards to high fidelity clickable apps in a vast array of industries.

Our Rapid Prototyping and Testing services brings your best ideas to life, we then help you to test these prototypes with real customers to validate desirability. We then help you iterate and optimise your solution before they are built into production.

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Emerging Technology Services

Want to be at the forefront of new technologies? Do you want to learn about emerging technologies such as Blockchain? 

We can help you learn how these technologies can benefit your business. Our team are experts in topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain technology.

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Innovative publising: share your ideas through a #1 best selling publisher.  

Got a message on innovation you want to take to the world? Need help publishing your world changing ideas? Talk to us. We love to share knowledge and can help your voice be heard, through a novel way of publishing.

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